Asian Gold Rush

March 3, 2014

Recently, Tiger-Consulting Founder & CEO, Neil Satterwhite, shared his tips for businesses to hit the ground running in the Asia marketplace. The following is the opener to the article that placed on the cover of this latest edition of Purely Payroll‘s e-magazine, Purely Global. See the intro and click on the link below to see his tips...

In 1848, James W. Marshall-a trusted employee of California pioneer John Sutter-found a shiny gold nugget among the silt and debris at Sutter‘s Mill. In that moment, the great gold rush began, opening up the West to an influx of investors, tradesmen and entrepreneurs. Well, a new kind of rush is here, but this time it‘s in the East.

The Asian economies are booming. They are out-pacing the U.S. and European economies and the cost of setting up shop and doing business there is less costly than in the West. So, if you are thinking about expanding into Asia, now is the time. Here are some thoughts, trends and ideas to help you to hit the ground running...

See more on page 10 , and thanks, again, to strategic partner, Purely Payroll, for sharing with their audience. We‘ll continue to address trends and tips each month on the Tiger site as well as industry forums and partner publications. If there is a trend you‘d like to see addressed and/or if you have any questions about our services and enterprise support across Asia-Pacific, contact us today.

Sincerely, Tisha Dore
VP of Marketing & Sales, Tiger-Consulting

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