Asean Countries to Set New Skill Standards for Tourism Industry

July 27th, 2016

Southeast Asian countries want to take a lead in the world’s tourism Industry. The Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Tourism Professionals (MRA-TP) International Conference that is held next month in Jakarta is where Asean* members will set required skill standards and new benchmarks for the region’s booming tourism field.

The Indonesian Tourism Ministry is organizing the conference where the standardization and benchmarking of skills will be established. The new standards will be set for 32 hospitality and tourism job profiles, requiring 52 qualifications for positions such as front office, housekeeping, food and beverage services, culinary arts, tour operations, and travel agencies. “Toolboxes” will be created to help workers meet new qualifications as well as trainers and skill assessors.

Southeast Asia wants to take a lead in the tourism enterprise by setting new standards in the industry. And why not, after all they have some of the fastest growing economies in the world with state of the art International Airports, accommodations, and services. In addition to standardizing the professional skill expectation across the region, another conference goal is to encourage highly qualified hospitality professionals to work in other areas across the region, taking their qualifications with them.

*The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) agreement, which launched on December 31, 2015, has been signed by all ten Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar). ASEAN nations can now take advantage of each other’s growth opportunities.

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Mercy Mildener
Public Relations and Marketing Consultant

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