Maternity Leave Increase for Many Workers in Dubai

March 9th, 2017

As of March 1, 2017 maternity leave for all Dubai government employees has increased. Employees will now have a fully paid three months maternity leave. In addition, the new legislation also provides working moms with an extra hour off a day for breastfeeding until the baby’s first birthday. This is raised from one hour to two hours, which women can take by starting their working day later, or finishing early.

Currently in the private sector in the UAE fully paid maternity leave is 6 weeks. The UAE labor law allows woman to take an additional 100 days unpaid leave without their job being at risk. However some private sector companies have already decided to take action and double their employee’s maternity leave from 45 days to 90.

The Abu Dhabi government extended its maternity leave for employees last September, which also gives women three months paid maternity leave, and allowing them to leave two hours early, increasing from one hour for a year after their baby is born. Dads will also now receive three days of paternity leave in the capital.

Reviewing maternity leave is a top priority for the UAE government as well as private sector and HR specialists too. Currently woman account for 68% of Government jobs in the UAE with 30% of the top positions. The UAE would like to become one of the world’s top 25 countries for gender equality by 2021.

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