Lost in Transaction: Managing the Complexities of International Payroll

July 25, 2012

Prospective clients often call with similar challenges and needs. Some are looking to expand into Asia and have no idea how to get started. Others are unsure about incorporating an outsource provider but know they can’t hire and manage satellite operations throughout Asia on their own. However, more often than not, our first conversation with a future client-the chief concern cited in most inquiries-is regarding how we might solve a company’s global payroll challenges in Asia.

Most people don’t think much about the complexities of international payroll. Admittedly it’s not a popular topic at cocktail parties but branching out to other parts of the world means dealing with serious financial challenges such as international wire transfers, currencies and exchange rates. Tackling international payroll and payments to suppliers internally and remotely is incredibly slow, cumbersome and costly.

We at Tiger-Consulting know how difficult international payroll can be. We are not only experts on the topic, but we are down-right obsessed (you have to be to build trust and succeed as a payroll service provider firm with offices throughout Asia, thousands of miles away from your clients in America, Europe, Canada and Australia.) Our team at Tiger-Consulting is on top of payroll processing. We optimize exchange rates conversions through local and regional banks and make quick wire transfers across the region. Clients just make a single wire transfer in USD to one of our banks (in escrow from heavily-insured international banks), then we manage regional wire transfers, currency conversions and exchange rates to provide accurate, on-time payment to your staff across multiple countries in Asia.

We can proudly say that our team slays payroll dragons every day. For more than 23 years in Asia we have been perfecting the Tiger-Consulting system which includes the necessary checks and balances (and re-checks, and re-balances, and re-approvals, in triplicate). We’ve built a top-notch team that understands and respects our system and knows the importance of managing payroll with the tenacity of an IRS agent, right down to using the latest exchange rate within one hour of payment processing.

Global businesses understand the complexities of international payroll. They know what’s involved, and increasingly, are choosing to work with outside companies to more effectively address their international payroll challenges, and why wouldn’t they? We at Tiger-Consulting know the local employment and payroll laws and regulations in 12 Asia Pacific countries where we have local offices and provide hands-on support to 100+ global enterprises which are now efficiently and cost-effectively participating in the thriving Asia economy.

Tiger-Consulting is most often considered a payroll company with Asian banking expertise, when in actuality we are more like an international banking expert that does payroll. Regardless, we know our stuff and run a tight ship. I’m proud of that.

Mercy Mildener
Public Relations and Marketing Consultant

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