Thailand-New Asian Manufacturing Frontier Outside of China

November 6th, 2019

Thailand is quickly becoming a first-rate destination as more companies are looking to diversify their Asian supplier base outside of China and quickly saturated newcomer Vietnam. As Vietnam got hit with early movers they quickly got to capacity and weren't as willing to cut deals to clients. Taiwan and South Korea are considered great for certain products but often just too expensive. As a result, Thailand is starting to work for many products!

Thailand's business environment has become increasingly welcoming to overseas investment from foreign companies. Thailand has worked hard focusing on infrastructure improvements such as new roads, ports, trains, and airports. The Thai government is working hard to attract foreign investment by also offering incentives to encourage foreign companies to relocate their production there. I's working too! Its up-and-coming export economy has driven the desire to make these improvements for this 2nd largest economy in Southeast Asia (after Indonesia).

Thailand's heavy focus on exporting and increasingly large and diverse manufacturing base just might serve your company's specific product's needs with cost and quality your company requires. As a matter of a fact a Global Manufacturing Competitive Index recently ranked Thailand 14th in the world, ahead of every other country in Southeast Asia except much higher cost Singapore! Thailand has factories making just about everything these days.

Tiger-Consulting Asia has offices in six ASEAN countries, three in Thailand including the headquarters. We are committed to making expansion and management of Asian and UAE operations easier for international businesses. Tiger Consulting's HR, Payroll, employment and business support services are managed by experienced teams on the ground in 16 locations: Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE and USA. The company currently serves 300+ businesses spanning industries including IT, telecom, social networking, fashion, finance, pharmaceuticals, travel, recruitment, Gas & Oil and hospitality.

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