New Criteria for Employment Pass and S Pass in Singapore and what Employers Need to Know

December 3th, 2021

This year Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced new criteria to soon be implemented regarding the recent ongoing tightening of standards for work pass applications, continuing the recent ongoing effort to strengthen the Singaporean workforce.

He highlighted the new measures and they include raising the qualifying salary requirement for EP and S passes, rating employers’ company culture regarding how well they treat their employees, extending the Fair Consideration Framework’s job advertising requirement to S pass applications, holding employers’ that practice discriminatory hiring practices accountable by subjecting their work pass applications to greater scrutiny, updating retrenchment requirements by highlighting the need for employers to maintain a strong Singaporean core when carrying out retrenchment, and requiring dependent pass holders to obtain a work pass to work in Singapore.

The goal is to have more guidelines and laws to tackle workplace discrimination and overall, more accountability for organizations that practice discriminatory hiring and workplace conditions in Singapore. The goal is to have new standards in place to address Singaporeans’ concerns about foreign competition and workplace opportunities which have been intensified by the economic uncertainty caused by recent worldwide events such as the Covid- 19 pandemic

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