Training: What to expect and what you can do on your own

November 19, 2012

Regardless of your product or service, eventually competitors will catch up, so you must always do whatever you can to stay a few steps ahead. The only way to accomplish that is to keep learning, keep being creative, keep looking for new ways to make your “mousetrap” more attractive than your competitor’s. The most valuable asset in which employers should continually invest is their team.

Qualities that distinguish an individual aren’t necessarily related to one’s profession but can (and should) be leveraged to optimize performance and satisfaction of each employee. Smart employers look for qualities such as courage, honesty, integrity, forthrightness and decisiveness. These are key differentiators when employers decide on leadership roles, promotions and bonuses. However, leveraging key qualities can only take a business so far. Employers must also cultivate and bring out the best in each employee. To achieve that, training is key.

Continuous on-the-job training, mentoring and advice should be expected. However, to be successful, employees must be open to the experience, and eager to learn and apply what they are given. Constructive criticism is helpful, when appropriately applied. In addition, management team members should share their wealth of experience to help employees accomplish their goals and be successful at the company. Don’t just give them the training, tools and critique - share!

Offsite training is helpful to remain current with industry trends and challenges. Annual retreats for the entire team give management and employees a chance to get to know each other. By spending time together and away from the office, the staff can decompress and build comradery, which helps employees to work better as a team, which in turn, will help your business to succeed.

Employees can make additional effort outside of the office to do their part in continually building their business skills and career. Confidence building in any form strengthens one’s ability to speak up in an office environment. Staying fit relieves stress, builds confidence, and makes one more productive and effective in the office. Another key outlet is community involvement, which enables one to learn how to think on their feet, make decisions, and take charge.

Mercy Mildener
Public Relations and Marketing Consultant

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