We Now Offer Global Payroll and HR Support Under One Umbrella With One Point of Contact Across Asia, Europe and South America!

Dec 19, 2012

For more than 20 years, Tiger-Consulting has been committed to making expansion and management of satellite operations easier for international businesses. We continue to expand and grow our smart, experienced team as well as forge strategic partnerships in key regions, all to help your enterprises accomplish the same goals worldwide.

I’m very proud to report that we now provide Payroll and Human Resource support throughout Asia, Europe and South America. What’s better? You’ll continue to work with just central point of contact at Tiger-Consulting.

In the last few years, more clients have been inquiring about cost-effective support in Europe and South America as our clients would prefer not to work with a different provider in each country or region. Now they can benefit from the regional expertise and localized support we can offer in Asia as well as Europe and South America through our partners, all while enjoying the luxury of working with just one contact at Tiger.

Please feel free to contact us if you should have questions about expansion into Europe and/or South America, or perhaps you just want to fold all services into one to make life easier while cutting costs and increasing efficiencies. Yes, we can help with that!

To read the complete release, which includes a list of countries now served in key regions across the globe under the Tiger-Consulting umbrella, click here.

Mercy Mildener
Public Relations and Marketing Consultant

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