Making Sense of International Payroll

February 11, 2013

Most people don’t think much about the complexities of international payroll. It’s not a fun topic to consider, but if you’re running an international business, it’s not really a matter of “I want” (to think about it), but “I HAVE TO” think about it.

Global payroll is a monster. There are serious financial challenges such as international wire transfers, currencies and exchange rates. Also, payments need to adhere to local employment laws and regulations, which are different in each country.

We at Tiger-Consulting know how difficult international payroll can be. Most of our clients approach us out of frustration after working with a different outsourced payroll firm in each country in which they operate. We specialize in taking that burden off your hands (and under one umbrella across multiple countries and continents) to save your business money while maximizing your results worldwide.

We optimize exchange rates conversions through local and regional banks and make quick wire transfers across the region. But what is your part, you ask? Clients just make a single wire transfer in USD to one of our banks (in escrow from heavily-insured international banks), then we manage regional wire transfers, currency conversions and exchange rates to provide accurate, on-time payment to your staff all over the world.

We know the local employment and payroll laws and regulations in all 12 Asia Pacific countries where we have local offices, and we’ve partnered with like-minded companies with local offices in Europe, South America and the Middle East, so you can expand as needed, but manage payroll through just one point of contact at our firm only. Just one contact for everything, and you’ll make one transfer-just one!

Tiger-Consulting is most often considered a payroll company with banking expertise, when actually we are more like an international banking expert that does payroll. We know our stuff, can free you of your burden, and we provide quotes for free. Isn’t that worth sending an email request to

Mercy Mildener
Public Relations and Marketing Consultant

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