Why not just go with one of the big firms?

March 21, 2013

Companies looking to expand worldwide need a trusted team with extensive expertise in local employment laws and regulations across the region(s) in which they want to operate. Sure, there are many providers from which to choose, and there’s a great degree of risk involved, so why go with a lesser-known firm? Why not one of the big guys?

Business development executives understand why Tiger-Consulting is the better choice. In today’s struggling economy and high-risk environment, companies need to make every effort to strategically expand while remaining lean and mean. They look at mid-sized firms like ours because they’ve either already heard great things or know that if we’ve been in business for decades, we must be doing something right. And we are.

For more than 20 years and across multiple continents-on the ground with our own offices or collaborating with partners to offer seamless HR, Payroll and Employment Services managed through one point of contact, under one umbrella-Tiger-Consulting has built a strong reputation with its 100+ enterprise customers, many household names.

We offer the same services and triple redundancy at a lower cost and with more agility. Our executives have a wealth of experience and they speak English as well as the native languages of the region(s) in which you want to be. What if you want to be across multiple countries? You’ll still have one point of contact managing your account with locals on the ground in each area and you’ll never need to speak with anyone else.

Tiger-Consulting provides all the services the “big guys” offer but without the price tag. We don’t have the overhead of large firms, nor do we want it, and we would never imagine passing on to you operational fees such as luxury apartments and office space or expensive marketing campaigns. Simply put, we’re lean and mean so you can be too.

Mercy Mildener
Public Relations and Marketing Consultant

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