Balance in Life and Work

August 25, 2013

The recent untimely death of a 21-year old German intern working at the London offices of Bank of America Merrill Lynch has left us feeling that it’s important to address the topic of “balance”.

Some jobs demand long hours to produce expected results. It’s important that management set achievable, reasonable expectations. It’s equally important that each of us work to meet expectations while maintaining an even strain and a sense of balance. There’s a difference between giving your all and giving your ALL.

We must identify our personal toolsets that help us stay balanced. In my 40+ years building my career and business I’ve jogged thousands of miles and hit thousands of golf balls (usually the time to do it happens early morning before sunrise). One of life’s most important lessons is to pace yourself. You can give 110% some of the time but not all of the time. It won’t matter if you ultimately drive yourself or your staff off a cliff to satisfy expectations. Approach life and career with an “I don’t want any regrets” philosophy. Avoid pushing yourself too hard. Avoid pushing your team too hard.

A true mark of success is finding balance. When someone employs you, you must work for them. While doing that work, no matter how challenging, no matter how demanding, spend some time caring for yourself. You do no good for yourself or your employer by working yourself into an unhealthy situation. To do well, make time to eat, exercise, manage your spiritual needs, and rest your mind and body.

Achieving balance is a big challenge. Take the challenge. Balance will make you sharp both physically and mentally so that you can continue doing your best to achieve success.

Mercy Mildener
Public Relations and Marketing Consultant

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