Tiger-Consulting registers Board of Investment Entity in Thailand

September 2, 2014

We announced recently that Tiger-Consulting has applied to register a Board of Investment (BOI) entity in Thailand to recruit and hire foreign IT consultants. By doing so, our boutique firm focused on Asia HR, Payroll and PEO services for Western businesses can most efficiently and cost-effectively support and maintain Thai commercial networks and banking systems.

We are applying for BOI status in order to tap into global resources to support Thailand’s growing technology needs. By leveraging global talent in areas of specialty overseas, we create efficiencies and cost savings for our clients here.

The registration is unique for Tiger-Consulting. We typically provide outsourcing support to companies looking to join the Asia economy. Providing PEO support to local government and banking systems in Thailand is a first since we started providing direct support to enterprises seven years ago. Prior to that, we supported through third parties long-term systems migration projects with local government institutions in countries including Singapore and Indonesia.

For questions about Tiger-Consulting’s Accounting, Auditing, HR, Payroll, PEO and/or Local Bill-Pay Services in Asia, contact sales@tiger-consulting.net Custom quotes are free of charge.

Mercy Mildener
Public Relations and Marketing Consultant

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