March 10, 2015

Thai is the official language of Thailand. However, many people speak English especially in Bangkok and other key tourist areas. The currency there is the Thai Baht. One Thai Baht converts to about three cents U.S.

The Thai legal system is a blend of western and traditional Thai laws. The government is a constitutional monarchy. There is a prime minister and three branches of government-executive, legislative, and judiciary branches. The king has little direct power under the constitution but is a symbol of national identity and unity. King Bhumibol, who has been on the throne since 1946, commands enormous respect and moral authority.

Thais may work at will. Foreign workers and expatriates must possess valid visas and work permits prior to beginning work. Foreigners are allowed to work in Thailand with a valid visa, a work permit, and are employed with an occupation that does not violate the Alien Employment Act. To apply or be issued a work permit you must have a non-immigrant visa. It can be acquired prior to your arrival. It also often can be arranged in Thailand after your arrival.

If you want to operate your existing overseas company in Thailand, or after you have set up your new Thai company with a majority foreign ownership, you need to apply for a license to operate the business depending on what business you will be engaged in.

Employment contracts and labor relations are governed by the Labor Protection Act, the Labor Relations Act, the Civil and Commercial Code, and the Labor Procedure Act. The Labor Protection Acts B.E.2541 (A.D.1998) governs new employees in Thailand.

Foreigners planning to stay in Thailand for extended periods of time may find it most cost-effective to rent an apartment. Thailand has several modern, electric rail systems that are helping ease traffic congestion and make travel around the city more comfortable and convenient.

Please read more on Country Fact Pages located on our website. As always, our goal is to continue to make it as easy as possible for Western and European businesses to join-and succeed in the thriving Asia markets, and to expand our clients’ reach, and in turn, help to grow their operations at home.

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