Best of 2015 (So Far!)

October 7, 2015

As the U.S. economy becomes more confident in its recovery, many American businesses are looking overseas, particularly Asia-Pacific. As businesses look for expansion overseas, the developing region presents some of the greatest opportunities for growth worldwide. The Asian market is growing swiftly. By 2020, China is expected to become the world’s largest economy and India is expected to rank fourth on the global economic scale by 2025. This growth offers numerous business opportunities for enterprise operations wanting to gain a foothold in the emerging and vibrant market of Asia.

There’s no doubt that tremendous opportunities are brewing here in Asia with great potential to positively impact the U.S., and Tiger-Consulting is optimistic about what momentum and positive movement forward could bring for both regions in 2015 and beyond. Our team looks forward to supporting new and existing clients through this exciting time to be in business in the 16 countries we serve across Asia-Pacific plus the USA and our most recent office opening in the UAE.

Finally, Tiger-Consulting, an Asia based American-owned and managed firm specializing in Asia HR, payroll and business support services has expanded its servicing to include benefit services to provide local and international medical, dental, travel, and life insurance for clients and non-clients, individuals, families, and groups across Asia. We find local health insurance solutions with the highest service standards, compliant with local laws and regulations. Clients can choose from quality plans through local and international providers. Tiger-Consulting offers a full suite of regional insurance benefits.

By providing quality solutions and professional advice at a competitive price, Tiger-Consulting will enable your company to open up shop across multiple continents. More importantly, our experienced staff will help your business to successfully expand, grow their operations as needed.

We offer services in Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, and the U.S. For questions and quotations regarding Tiger-Consulting’s Asia insurance, HR, Payroll, PEO and business support services contact

Mercy Mildener
Public Relations and Marketing Consultant

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