Asia’s Ecommerce Gold Rush

January 5th, 2017

Ecommerce is big and getting bigger in Asia and will continue to flourish in 2017. Not only are there many new opportunities for local startups and global players to tap into but each country also can create its own ecommerce leaders. While many countries still struggle to find better payment options and access to the Internet, new ecommerce players and the evolving demand of consumers’ is shaping how Asians shop. More than a quarter of the world’s B2C e-commerce sales now come from Asia and these figures are only expected to increase over the next decade. In this social media-engaged region many e-commerce start-ups are riding on this trend and further enhancing the online shopping experience by creating new mobile shopping platforms.

Approximately 42% of the world’s Internet users reside in Asia, according to recent statistics. Increasing numbers of people in Asia are using smartphones and mobile devices to make online purchases, an astonishing 50% of all consumers in Asia-Pacific already make transactions using their mobile devices. Social media is even becoming a new avenue for consumers to shop. Based on statistics published by The Wall Street Journal, more than 80% of Asia’s digital consumers use social media, such as Instagram, to research products or connect with sellers.

Emerging markets in Asia, such as Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam, are catching on to the trend and becoming key drivers behind the e-commerce boom in Asia. In addition to the slow economic recovery in US and Europe, an increasing amount of foreign entrepreneurs have decidedly set their sights on Asia. The region has a huge and up-and-coming customer base combined with a rapidly growing e-commerce industry in the region and some even say is set to be the next Silicon Valley. With a wealth of all these untapped growth opportunities in the e-commerce market in the region, Asia is experiencing an e-commerce gold rush.

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