Tiger Consulting expansion to Sri Lanka

September 9th, 2017

Tiger Consulting, a firm that simplifies the process by which Western and European businesses strategically expand overseas, announced recently we now offer HR, Payroll and PEO support in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s economic potential is considerable as they move toward greater integration with regional and global markets and boost their economic resiience. Sri Lanka is on its way to transition to an upper middle-income country focusing on long-term strategic and structural development despite it being one of the lowest tax-to-GDP ratios in the world. It has a vital position in Asia, the fastest growing region in the world and its recent key investments in ports and other transportation related facilities combined with its strong base of human capital and reliable infrastructure can take advantage of this opportunity.

Tiger Consulting offer professional service with unmatched excellence and skill along with a host of solutions related to the running of a new company so firms can establish themselves in a new setting. Through our new expansion in Sri Lanka, and by collaborating with strategic partners worldwide, we offer expertise and local support.

This part of the world is eager and ready to support foreign investment and new business opportunities. We are excited to announce our new services in Sri Lanka. We will help our clients with the complexities of international expansion.

Tiger Consulting has been doing business in Asia for 25+ years. As the “man on the street” in Asia-Pacific providing Asian HR, payroll and business support services throughout the region, Tiger-Consulting specializes in companies that have or want to have 1-100 employees in Asia. The company currently serves 300+ businesses spanning industries including IT, telecom, social networking, fashion, finance, pharmaceuticals, travel, recruitment, Gas & Oil and hospitality.

For questions regarding the firm's International HR, Payroll, PEO, and other Business Consulting Services, please contact us by email on sales@Tiger-Consulting.net

Mercy Mildener
Public Relations and Marketing Consultant

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