Tiger-Consulting CEO Shares Tips for Global Enterprise Employers to Cultivate Leadership Skills in Management, Staff

San Diego CA, February 19, 2013

American Ex-Patriot, Industry Veteran and Leader of Asia-based enterprise outsource firm providing cost-effective HR, Payroll, Employment Services and Business Consulting to support satellite operations for 100+ Western, European companies, shares insights for drawing out the full potential in each team member to maximize success, employee training investment

Neil Satterwhite, founder and CEO of Tiger-Consulting, an American- managed Enterprise Outsource Firm specializing in helping businesses to successfully expand into new markets worldwide, shared insights today on how employers can cultivate leadership skills in management and staff members. The industry veteran with 40+ years in enterprise HR and Payroll says following these simple tips will help companies to maximize their success and employee training investment, which can make a critical difference in any market, particularly in a struggling economy.

1. Donít just look to management for ideas - there are leaders at every level - leverage them all!

“We’re all leaders and all followers at some level or another. There are formal leaders defined by their title or rank and there are informal leaders who people turn to when they need results or answers. The informal leaders in an organization can be every bit as powerful as the formal leaders when in fact they are defined as followers in the organization chart.”

2. True leadership means letting go - identify who’s best at each task and let them shine, teach others

“It’s important to know-and accept-that there will always be forums, tasks or processes at which you are not the leader in the office. In those cases, let someone else lead, shine and pay attention, so you can learn something new or improve in an area that's not your strong suit. It's important to continually build your skill-set including leadership.”

3. Support what is necessary to tap potential - cultivate each diamond in the rough and you’ll build a strong, loyal team!

“Employers should do everything they can to identify and bring out the unique leadership capabilities in each team member. Find out who they really are and tap into their potential. In turn, each employee should learn how to stand tall, speak up and take charge. This will help them to grow into their specific leadership role - the role they are meant to fulfill in the company to become invaluable!”

4. There is strength in weakness - teach team members that knowing when to step aside is essential to their success

“Employers should help their staff members to learn their strengths and weaknesses to optimize their talents and abilities to lead in their own way. Employees should demonstrate (with humility) how and where they can lead, and know when to step aside to be led by another with stronger skills in a particular area. Employees (and management) should be honest with themselves and team members about who is better at what, who should lead when, and how each can help others to improve.”

5. There is plenty of time for individual accomplishment - employees also need to know (and embrace!) working together

“The military practices the buddy system. Never leave your buddy behind. Help him over the wall. Employees should help each other. Management should help them to help each other. The military developed the buddy system over a 200-year period. We’re human. Help each other. It works!”

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