Tiger-Consulting Achieves Major Milestone, Now Serves 200+ Clients, Many Household Names; Firm Specializing in Asia HR, Payroll, PEO Services Has Grown on Cash-Only, No Outside Investors

In just seven years of providing Asia HR, payroll and business support services under its own umbrella Tiger-Consulting has grown from one client in Singapore to 200+ clients across 14 Asian countries

May 8th, 2014

Tiger-Consulting, , an American-owned and managed firm specializing in Asia HR, payroll and business support services for American, Canadian, European and Australian based enterprises, announced today the firm now serves 200+ clients. Tiger-Consulting has become a trusted partner to big brands around the world. Founder and CEO, Neil Satterwhite, attributes the firm’s success to “being on the ground” in each country, growing the consultancy only as cash allowed, and never accepting “a penny” of outside capital.

“The formula for success is simple. Put the client first. Protect and serve them well. Don’t make the client sweat the small stuff. Do the work in-house wherever possible, collaborate with the right partners and price your services competitively,” said Tiger-Consulting Founder & CEO, Neil Satterwhite.

For over 20 years, Tiger-Consulting has been providing software development and consultancy services to big name HR, Payroll providers. Seven years ago, the boutique firm began directly supporting enterprises under its own umbrella. In just seven years, Tiger-Consulting has grown from directly serving one client in Singapore to 200+ clients with offices and teams on the ground in 14 Asian countries.

“To remain agile, maintain control, and grow strategically, don’t accept funding from an outside source. We’ve never raised capital, opting instead to grow organically on cash only to protect our hands-on approach, and careful, as- needed expansion across Asia-Pacific,” added Satterwhite.

With 14 offices across Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, Tiger- Consulting serves as the “man on the street” providing enterprise HR, payroll and business support throughout Asia-Pac. The firm supports businesses that have or want to have 1-100 employees across Asia. Its 200+ enterprise clients span industries such as IT, telecom, social networking, finance, pharmaceuticals, travel, recruitment, and hospitality.

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for Western and European businesses to join-and succeed-in the thriving Asia markets. We help them hit the ground running. I want to thank my team. They work hard and well together. Without this team-most of whom are college graduates and bilingual to provide premium client care-there’d be no Tiger-Consulting. I’m humbled by their efforts and what we’ve achieved together,” added Satterwhite.

For questions about Tiger-Consulting’s HR, Payroll, PEO and/or Local Bill-Pay Services in Asia, contact sales@tiger-consulting.net . Custom quotes are free of charge.

About Tiger-Consulting
Tiger-Consulting is committed to making expansion and management of Asian and UAE operations easier for international businesses. Tiger Consulting’s HR, Payroll, employment and business support services are managed by experienced teams on the ground in 16 countries: Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE and USA. Through strategic partners, the firm also supports clients in Europe, South America, and other key markets.

Media Contact: Mercy Mildener
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